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Charles de Kunffy & Dr Kerry Ridgway Symposium


In the FIRST symposium of its kind, Mr. de Kunffy and Dr. Ridgway will evaluate and work on issues between horse and rider, in the saddle and on the ground, and explain how the principles and methods of classical training create biomechanically correct movement, which result in a healthy, balanced horse who, along with his rider, become
Living Art In Motion

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We are sorry to announce that the "Charles de Kunffy & Dr Kerry Ridgway Symposium" has been postponed to 2015 . Check this website for the 2015 dates.


Announcing Pete Ramey's new book "Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot". It is probably the most comprehensivePete Ramey's Book
work ever written on the horse's hoof. With the help of major contributing authors and researchers, it takes a new look at growing or rehabilitating a horse's hoof from within, combining all the various aspects of hoof care, nutrition and lifestyle.
With 440 pages and over 600 photographs and illustrations, Pete Ramey, surrounded by collaborative experts in their fields, has created the ultimate reference book on equine foot health. It is deep, detailed and scientific and might well become the new way to think about care for the foot, whether shod or barefoot.

The Wild Horse Research video is now available!

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The Brumby Research Unit who produced this DVD is a group of Australian scientists with the sole purpose of improving the well being of the horse. Heading this research, are Chris Pollitt, BVsc, PhD and Brian Hampson, PhD  who have been studying the desert brumbies, the feral horses that have survived in the dry heart of Australia since the 1870s.  In this DVD they investigate their habits, through the use of GPSs and determine the effects of a free roaming lifestyle and lack of human intervention on foot morphology and health. It shows exquisitely the adaptation of the foot to different environments.
Narrated poetically by Dr Chris Pollitt, and accompanied by breathtaking photography, this DVD describes objectively what they observed. You will be amazed!
Check it out and support their ongoing research!


Dr Ridgway

Institute for Equine Therapeutic Options

Kerry Ridgway, DVM

It is Dr. Ridgway's mission at the Institute for Equine Therapeutic Options to enhance and maximize overall equine health and performance through Integrative Medicine. Our goal is to provide ongoing education for equine health care professionals as well as riders, trainers and all other people involved or interested in equine health related fields.

Our current emphasis is conventional medicine and whole horse health through the integration of:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Hoofcare
  • Kinesiology
  • Neuromuscular & Myofascial Therapies
  • Saddle Fitting
  • Dental Health
  • Nutrition

We are aiming to provide awareness and education to all, by means of webinars, clinics, seminars, video clips and DVDs, educational articles, virtual online courses and a blog.