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How To Register In 3 Easy Steps
Step I

Head over to our website, which, if you are reading this – you have already done successfully! Then, hover over the EGUS eCourse link on the main menu. Once you see the options you will want to click Registration.┬áPlease follow the registration instructions to get your username and password set up for the website.

*If you have purchased from our site before you have likely registered in the past which means that you cannot register again. Please feel free to try but if you cannot register skip to step II. If you still cannot get logged in please email us and we will get you manually added as soon as possible!

Step II

Once you have you have successfully registered you will be automatically logged in and send to your profile page. Here you can add any information or profile settings that you would like. Once you have completed this you are ready for your final step!

Step III

The final step after getting logged in is to purchase your eCourse and get started! Once more you will navigate to the EGUS eCourse link and hover but this time you will click Purchase. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click Buy This Course. You will then be prompted to purchase the course. If you are not logged in you will need to login first! Once your order is complete you just click the course link under the EGUS eCourse link on the main menu and get started!

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